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Proposal For Concrete Skatepark

When the city of Arlington, Washington started planning their skatepark, they thought that a concrete pad with modular components would be the best way to go. This presentation was put together to persuade them otherwise. They have since contracted with Grindline ( to design an all-concrete skatepark and anticipate starting construction in Spring, 2004.

Skateparks Under Bridges

There are many great sites to locate a covered skatepark. And while they might not be right under our nose, they are certainly under our bridges. Dan Hughes shares his research on this subject.

Pictures Of Dilapidated Modular Ramps

These pictures are from a skatepark in Tacoma, Washington. This park opened in 2002 and the "weatherproof material" is already seriously damaged.

True Cost of Prefabricated Ramps

John Bracken has done some investigation on how much they really cost per square foot.

How do Skaters Rate the Skatepark Designers and Contractors

A compilation of skateboarder's web sites that rate skateparks, and the overall result of those ratings. How well does each designer and contractor do? (Still a work in progress)

Why a concrete skatepark? (PDF File)

Download this 10 page article explaining why concrete is not only better, but cheaper in the long run. By Chris Gilligan

Bulges and Kinks shouldn't be in Skateparks

An example of what exactly a bulge and what exactly a kink is. Why are they bad, and who makes them? How do they effect skateboarders?

How noisy are skateparks? (A sound study of the Ballard Bowl.)

Ambient Sound Study: Ballard Civic Center Park Date of study: 02/12/04 Engineer: Matthew Lee Johnston

Portland Noise Report, May 23, 2001

Noise Impacts from a proposed, skateboard park under the Steel Bridge. From: Paul Van Orden, Noise Control Officer, City of Portland, OR.

Dan's 20 minute presentation is finally on the web for all to see. If you want the full sized version, contact Dan Hughes. (38megs - Thanks to Chris Gilligan)

Presentation to the City of Kirkland, who at the time was considering a prefabricated park (Sept. '03).

Skateboarding is safer than Basketball?

From the Billings Gazett, by Dr. Michael Yorgason

New skatepark sees drop in youth crime, Scottland 2003.

From (Skatepark causes a drop in crime among their youth).

Living Well: Don't give in to aging -- exercise regularly

"Not everyone knows it, but being sedentary increases your risk for heart disease even more than smoking or high cholesterol." (Skateboarding is healthy exercise)

Interview with Mike Watkins from Milton, Freewater, Oregon.

You think you don't have the funds to get a park going, check this out. Do it in phases!

Skateboarders hope community can shed stereotypes

The Tribune-Star, Terre Haute, Indiana, article pointing out that Skaterboarders are simply your kids.

Little League's Big Challenge: These days, not all boys of summer play baseball

Baseball, "numbers have steadily declined over the last several years," While, "In the decade between 1993 and 2003, the number of skateboarders increased from 5.3 million to 12.3 million."

Just give me room and board Budget flights give skateboarders extra impetus to travel the globe, reports Tam Leach

"Skaters have always travelled. Like their surfing forebears chasing an endless wave, skaters devour skatespots like bookworms tearing through a library. No matter how good the local options, each new skatepark, marble ledge, transitioned bank or set of steps throws up a new challenge."

Efforts ramp up for Tigard skatepark Barbara Sherman - 03/11/05 (The Tigard Times)

"Many cities have skateparks," Biggs said. For example, Eugene, with a population of 137,893, has five skateparks; Lincoln City, with a population of 7,437, has two skateparks; and Forest Grove, with a population of 18,200, has two skateparks. But Tigard, with a population of 44,070, has no skateparks.

"Skateparks are a way of empowering kids," Biggs said. "They also feel that the adults around them are listening to them and responding to them. We have had kids hanging in there for years on this project, but we are going to lose them if we don't get it built."

Limited Liability Law in Washington State, USA.

RCW 4.24.210 Liability of owners or others in possession of land and water areas for injuries to recreation users -- Limitation.

Fox5 news about a skatepark. Hi Res (6.9mb)

Fox5 news about a skatepark. Low Res (3.8mb)

Probably one of the best video spots I've seen advocating for a quality skatepark. Thanks to John Bracken and Fox 5 network.

Watsonville council agrees: Let there be light at Ramsay Park

Some say had the lights been on at the skatepark Feb. 5, the five victims would not have been on the road "chasing parties" and drinking.

BBC News Article, South African Skateboarding good for the kids.

"The hard work and practice it takes to master the skateboard ramp can promote a sense of self-worth and encourage creativity, discipline and ambition."

Local school becomes first in nation to teach skateboarding

"While skateboarding helps with eye-foot coordination and balance, he says it also improves performance in the classroom. "When they're involved in an activity that involves balance -- both hemispheres of the brain are equally stimulated," Klassen says. He points out that researchers have shown that the body also produces a hormone that makes students more receptive to learning for the rest of the school day."

Article from Coos Bay, Oregon.

"In a month, the tennis court was used only 10 times, and the basketball court only once, while the skatepark was used 89 times. "


-- Skateboarding was first practiced in the late 1950s.

-- Skateboarding is the sixth-most-popular sport in the United States.

-- There are 10 million active skateboarders nationwide.

-- Skateboarding is the third-largest sport among youth age 6-18.

-- 81.8 percent of all skateboarders are 18 years old or under, with the average age of 13.8.

-- 75.2 percent of skateboarders are males.

-- The average skateboarder skates 50.5 days per year, or nearly once a week.

-- More than 200 companies produce equipment for the sport.

-- In 1995, the industry had an estimated sales of $600 million. Sales for 1996 were in the $700 million range.

-- Skateboarding is ranked by the Consumer Product Safety Commission as almost twice as safe as riding a bike, and more than four times safer than taking a swim in a swimming pool.

-- Irregular riding surfaces account for more than half the skateboard accident injuries.

Source: Knoxville (Tenn.) Park and Recreation Office



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