Northwest Skateboard Alliance

A Non-Profit Organization Committed To Bringing Quality Skateparks To Northwest Communities 

We are a group of skateboarders dedicated to sharing our many years of experience to make getting a skatepark in your community as easy as possible. Our organization includes experienced skateboarders, skatepark designers and constructors, attorneys and land use planners. We have experience with every facet of skateparks, from initial community planning to design and construction to ongoing use and maintenance issues. We offer free assistance to both community activists and city leaders.


We are willing to share our experience because we want every community that is considering a skatepark to have the best one possible for their money. A good skatepark does not need to cost more than a poor one, it just takes knowing what to watch out for.



We are not affiliated with any commercial
firm, this is a volunteer effort to make skateparks better for everyone.

Our motivation is simple: we want to skate in the best skateparks possible!


For more information contact:

Chris Raezer:

Dan Hughes: Dan Hughes e-mail